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7bj.com General Privacy Policy Page 7bj.com
At 7BJ.com, we work to ensure complete privacy and security  of all your personal details. Any personal information collected from you via  our website, either through the use of questionnaires, online petitions, and other transactions that you may undertake will not be divulged.

Information collected from you will only be used for the purpose stated such as verification or recognition and will be used to deal with your enquiries and requests.

We collect information from you either actively through the personally identifiable information that you provide us with or passively via the information that we get from using cookies. The use  of cookies enables us to remember your details the next time that you choose to visit our website and helps us reference.

Here, we utilize industry-standard procedures to protect  to the privacy and confidentiality of your information related to personal identity. We have installed firewalls and secure socket layers wherever necessary and have takes all reasonable measures appropriate to protect your personal information.

It is also advisable that you also exert precautionary methods on your own laptop or PC and secure the personal information that you have on it, in order to guarantee successful privacy protection.

We may also share on occasion some of your information with third party affiliates to contact you regarding services and products that might interest you. However, should this information be shared, we will first request your permission, and only after acquiring which will any information be disclosed.

7BJ.com aims to provide users with information about online gaming, online casinos, and affiliate programs and so on, in order to enhance your gaming experience and help you make the right choices.

7BJ.com will not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about you unless you choose to provide it, so rest assured that you are in safe hands. At the most only cookies maybe collected for reference purposes.

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